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Offering Contract-Based Work for Welding Inspection

Fill your temporary need for a certified welding inspector. NMTS INC. supplies certified welding inspectors and contract quality control services for construction welding projects. Based in Luther, Michigan, our services are available nationwide. Backed by more than 35 years of experience, we specialize in construction activity in the petrochemical and power generation industries. We are flexible with the lengths and durations of projects, providing you with economical solutions to your welding inspection needs.

Welding inspectors use their in-depth knowledge of welding processes, test techniques, discontinuities, materials, qualifications, and standards to verify that weldments and welding-related activities meet all quality and safety requirements.

Certified Welding Inspectors

Full-Service QA/QC Services on a Contract Basis

Certified Welding Inspectors

Certified Welding Inspectors

NMTS INC. seeks out the most qualified welding inspectors with excellent safety records and retains many outstanding inspectors on our permanent staff. We do a thorough background check on all inspectors before mobilizing them to a job site. All personnel are certified with the American Welding Society (AWS) and are available for contract-based work. We cater to you for the length of the contract you need.

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Serving the welding industry since 1993.

Non-Destructive Testing

NMTS INC. supplies individuals certified to ASNT-TC1A for non-destructive testing. We perform ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle (MT), and liquid penetrant (PT) methods of non-destructive testing.

Quality Control Management

NMTS INC. can compose a quality control program for your organization. We mold a program around any job and put together a quality control plan that is custom-fitted to any entity or contract. You will be sent a trained quality control team to work exclusively on your project. We offer weld tracking programs and can compose a custom electronic matrix to track all pertinent information through project completion.

Welder Testing

NMTS INC. certifies welders. Welders can be certified to ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, API 1104, or other specifications. Contact us for more details.

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Certified Welding Inspectors